OceanGlobalNet want help our blue planet and especially the sharks with a collection of links worldwide for shark-organisations (links in the footer).

Sharks are being eradicated with the cruel shark finning method. Rob Stewart has documented the world of the sharks and their sad reality in Sharkwater:

  • Do you know that every year over 73 million sharks are dying?
  • Do you know that sharks are being slaughtered by the brutal method of finning?
  • Do you know that sharks aren‘t man-eaters?
  • Do you know that many species of sharks can breed at the age of 15 years and then only produce one offspring a year?
  • Do you know that sharks play an important role in keeping the ecological balance of the oceans?
  • Do you know that the ocean supplies about 50% of the oxygen for our planet?

Unfortunately not only sharks but also many other sea dwellers such as whales, dolphins, manta rays, turtles, tunas are being destroyed by humans. We overfish our oceans, destroy reefs due to carelessness, are to blame for oil spills, use the oceans as a great rubbish bin and are exploiting the marine life with our greed – ignoring sustainability. The biodiversity of the oceans is dying and our children will be left with lifeless seas. It is time to respect the marine life and to take responsibility for our actions!

In Memory to Rob Stewart (1979-2017):