Finning is a cruel act of killing animals and mocks every respect for life:

All the fins are cut off the shark and the live but injured shark is then thrown back into the sea, where it suffers a slow and agonizing death.

Most sharks can not breathe actively, meaning they must constantly move or stay in currents enabling the water to flow through the gills. Without fins the shark will die a slow and agonizing death leading to suffocation, if he does not bleed to death or gets eaten by other marine animals before hand.

How long this death takes and how much a shark suffersis documented in the following short film. Please have a look at this documentation but only if you have nerves of steel!

This cruel treatment of a living beings takes place annually between 73 to 200 million times!

As always it’s about profit. The business of shark fins is lucrative for the fishing industry – in comparison the meat of the shark doesn‘t generate much money. Nobody is interested in sustainability. And if only the fins are transported a much greater volume can be stored.

Fins are used in Asia for shark fin soup. The average price for shark fins is approximately $40 per pound, even though the fins have no taste. In Asia shark fin soup is seen as a status symbol and it is part of the prestige to have them served at a wedding.

In 2011 a major advertising campaign with Sir Richard Branson and the famous basketball star Yao Ming started in Asia. Slowly the younger Asian generation is reconsidering to protect endangered animals. Because of increased public pressure some asian hotels and supermarkets will be relinquishing shark products – taking them out of their product lines starting in  2012 (or they have at least made this committment).