Help sharks

How can you easily and directly help sharks?

  • The demand determines sales this is an economic truth. Therefore please do not purchase any shark meat, shark fins and other products which included sharks.
  • Since companies have realised that shark meat cannot be sold easily anymore, it is being sold under various pseudonyms. The following products include shark meat, please refrain from purchasing:
    – Sea eel (German: Seeaal)
    – Curled strip of smoked dogfish (German: Schillerlocke)
    – Veal fish (German: Kalbsfisch)
    – Bacon fish (German: Speckfisch)
    – Grilled cuttled fish (German: Karbonadenfisch)
    – Kings eel (German: Königsaal)
    – Rock salmon (German: Steinlachs)
    – Sea sturgeon (German: Seestör)
  • Tell your familiy and friends about the extinction of sharks, spread awareness.

Longimanus auf Tour

Do you want to continue working for this wonderful fighter?

You can find in the footer a collection of links of various shark organizations. This allows you to find a national organization easily. They have been sorted by country/regions. Almost all of them have local activities while also operating worldwide. Organizations that haven’t been assigned to a region have been listed as being international:

  • Browse the links section and you can find by the organizations under “get involved”, “take action”, and so on online-petitions or more information how you can help sharks.
  • If you find a restaurant or a retailer selling  shark meat (beware of the code names), please report this to your national shark organization so that they do something about it.
  • Become a member or a patron of the organization that you like best.