Our Mission: Human enlightenment and Protection of Sharks

We are committed to protecting the sharks. A healthy sea needs sharks.

Do you know that…

  • we have an unnatural fear of sharks?
  • ficticious films and press articles are to blame?
  • we do not protect what we fear?
  • sharks aren‘t man-eaters?
  • more people are killed by selfies than by sharks?
  • even diving with tiger sharks is possible?
  • people kill up to 50 million sharks each year?
  • sharks are slaughtered by barbarically finning?
  • many species of sharks can breed at the age of 15 years?
  • many sharks produce only one offspring a year?
  • healthy coral reefs need sharks?
  • we can not survive without the sea?

Anyone, regardless of their age, place of residence or occupation, can contribute to the protection of the sharks in a variety of ways. Any contribution, no matter how small, is important to the protection of the sharks.



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