Help sharks

Anyone can help sharks

Anyone, regardless of their age, place of residence or occupation, can contribute to the protection of the sharks in a variety of ways. Any contribution, no matter how small, is important to the protection of the sharks.

You can help sharks, if you …

  • delete shark meat, shark fins or other products that contain shark substances from your shopping list. Also, be careful not to sell something that is actually shark (eg. Rock Salmon, Gray Fish or Flake).
  • avoid restaurants offering shark steaks or shark fin soups.
  • tell your family and friends the truth about sharks. 

You will find here a collection of organizations which are committed to the protection of sharks. These organizations are assigned to the countries in which they have their headquaters. Most of them working with ambassadors and partners around the globe and launch campaigns and projects worldwide. If the organization is officially represented in numerous countries with offices or founded as organization international, it is listed under «International».

If you want to do more for sharks, then…

  • join campaigns and sign international and local petitions.
  • report to your country’s shark conservation organization if you notice the sale of shark in a restaurant or retail store.
  • become a member or patron of a shark conservation organization.


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